At home in Switzerland

Our company has been based in a bilingual (German and French) part of western Switzerland since it was established.

The locality is home to such world famous companies as Swatch and Logitech, together with leading schools and universities in the technical field.


Like Switzerland itself, our company and our technology have been built on grassroots democracy. Both operate according to the “bottom up” principle. The needs of the grassroots are taken seriously and integrated into the development and manufacturing process. The quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001, can be viewed on internet by anyone and demonstrates with openness and transparency the rules by which we operate and the objectives we work towards.


Key corporate data:

  • 70 million Euro annual sales
  • 340 employees, 70 of them in the development

Production volume:

  • 2 million I/O points per year
  • 40 000 CPUs per year
  • 700 000 small devices per year
1950:In the early days, Saia Burgess Controls mainly manufactured electronic timers.

The spectrum of use extended house installations to machine technology.

At the end of the seventiesSaia Burgess Controls became a pioneer in the field of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), known and used today under the Saia PCD® brand name. In parallel with this component business, Saia Burgess Controls grew to become a supplier of systems for instrumentation, control and automation technology. In 2006 the line of electronic energy meters with fully integrated bus compatibility started production.In 2006 Saia Burgess Controls brought to market the world’s first completely web-based touch-panel for automation. In 2010 reconstruction of the Saia PCD1 means that even the smallest device series has joined the Saia PCD3 and Saia PCD2 in being fully modernized. The 3rd generation of Saia Burgess Controls control devices is now complete. This is characterized by the following equation: Saia PCD® = PLC + IT + Web This formula stands for the seamless
integration of world renowned, open technologies for web and IT on freely programmable, industrial electronics with the same quality and lifecycle as the robust, industrial PLC.
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