Israel Bank Discount

IDB is the third largest bank and a leading financial group in Israel, with nationwide coverage and a strong and growing domestic franchise.

LCS was brought in to provide advance control and monitoring technology for lighting, electricity and air conditioning (HVAC) in different locations.  Creating efficiencies and cost savings, LCS’s systems cover regular space and usage such as offices & training facilities, as well as highly sensitive systems that need constant monitoring and servicing.


Waldorf Astoria Hotel

New 900 million NIS building project aimed at bringing a premium brand hotel chain to Israel.

Brought in at the last minute following the collapse of one of the contractors and key product suppliers, LCS provided the experience and knowhow to install intelligent building controls in the hotel.

The project was divided into two parts:


Part 1:   Room management.

Design and install room control equipment to enhance guest comfort.  (Inncom)

By offering greater control & creating predefined comfort settings for light and air-conditioning that can be pre-activated and changed for different users of the room we are able to enhance the overall comfort and guest experience.  With I-pads in each room, guests could remotely control all settings in the room – regardless of where they are in the hotel.

Through connecting the door lock system and directly linking the HMI system into the hotel Fidelio software package, the hotel could create different lighting and HVAC entrance settings for guests and hotel staff – thereby enhancing further the guest’s comfort level whilst also creating further energy savings.


Part 2:   Building Management

Oversee the design and installation of building automation and control for core building functions; electricity, water, HVAC, fire & smoke systems.   

By designing the system to the client’s specific needs and requirements, we were able to offer centralized and remote monitoring, advance warning of system faults and intelligent systems capable of reacting to the needs of the hotel & its guests.  The system was not only easy to maintain but created cost efficiencies and had a short payback period.


Drive-in Tel-Aviv

Renovation of old and disused drive-in cinema complex into a state of the art sports complex with 3,500 seater basketball arena.
HVAC and Electricity building automation with SCADA HMI


Sourasky Medical Centre

An established and long term client, the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) is the second largest and one of the most progressive full-service health care treatment and research institutions in Israel.  


Project 1:   Building automation and control

Planning and installation of building automation and control systems for the new cardiology building.  The solution encompassed critical and sensitive areas such as the Children A&E centre, as well as the research laboratory for Immunotherapy.

The BMS system covered:

  • Machine room automation
  • HVAC
  • Fire and Safety
  • Gas management


Project 2:   Emergency Evacuation Solution

 In order to combat potential fire and safety risks that would require the evacuation of the building, the hospital installed emergency external diesel operated elevators on the roof of the Sami Ofer building.

Designed to enable quick and easy evacuation of the elderly, sick and immobile patients in case of a fire emergency, Emergency Rescue Systems hired LCS to install intelligent Swiss made SBC controllers in order to manage the operation of the lift.  Situated on the roof of the building, the lift needs to come into operation immediately, and LCS technology ensures the crucial hardware comes into operation with winches lifting the elevator of the roof and