Building Management and Automation

BMS_1Programmable controller for measuring, regulation and control tasks. Modular design consisting of industrial quality CPU, I/O and communication modules with life .cycling lasting decades

The comprehensive application software can be simply and reliably adapted and extended throughout the life cycle. It is applied on all automation station series (Saia PCD1, 2, 3 and PCS1z).







HMI Visualization and operatingBMS_2

SBC MB Web Panels: From simple semi-graphic panels with a classic keypad to powerful open 15” Windows® eXP touch panels.







Dedicated room controllerBMS_3

Room controllers with a preconfigured regulation and control program which can be comprehensively parameterised via network communication and tailored to meet individual needs. Fully independent functionality even without a bus connection.







Consumption data acquisitionBMS_4

With the field devices of SBC S-Monitoring system, electrical energy is measured and signals from water, gas and heat meters are recorded.

The SBC S-Monitoring system allows to increase the efficiency and to achieve a high level of transparency regarding the use of resources during operation. Integrates measurement technology into existing old facilities. From a few measurement points up to thousands of measurement points in distributed properties.





Communication & interaction

Saia PCD® devices can access all current paths of communication on a site. Interacting with external

devices is easy. Enables total integration with all systems and building services.




The Saia PG5® Controls Suite contains everything required to implement and operate automation solutions with Saia® instrumentation, control and automation devices. This includes programming and engineering tools as well as libraries and ready-made logic, regulation and automation modules. It also contains application software for Windows PCs.